Self Study

27 Nov. ‘14: CAST (Part 2)

1)       He is going to resign—the die is cast. (=certain, decision made)

2)     Advertise on TV to cast your net wide. (=widen your reach)

3)     Her words cast a spell on/over me. (=have a magical effect)

4)     Cast your mind back to that event. (=try to remember)

Self study: Everyone in her family is cast in the same mould.

Happy Learning, Happy Sharing

28 November, 2014: MOUNTAIN

1)       If you are determined, you can move mountains. (=do/achieve seemingly impossible tasks)

2)     I’ve got a mountain/mountains of work to do now. (=a lot of)

3)     It’s a small problem. Don’t make a mountain of a molehill. (=make it look big or serious)

4)     You have a mountain to climb to achieve your aim. (=a lot to do)

Self study: Have you heard about the problem of grain/butter mountain?


29 November, 2014: DIRT

1)       Some journalists earn by digging up dirt on celebrities. (=discover private details)

2)     It’s dirt cheap. You should buy it. (=very cheap)

3)     I won’t help you if you treat me like dirt. (=treat badly)

4)     Don’t dish the dirt on your former employer. (=tell people unpleasant things about s.b.)

Self Study: They hit/struck pay dirt/ paydirt with their first product.

Happy Learning, Happy Sharing

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